What's New
  • [2005-11-15] Released v1.3.2
  • [2004-04-18] Released v1.3.1
  • [2004-12-02] Released v1.3
  • [2004-11-04] Released v1.2.2
  • [2004-09-18] Released v1.2.1
  • [2004-08-08] Released v1.2
  • [2004-08-01] Released v1.1
  • [2004-07-08] Released v1.0.1
  • [2004-06-27] Released v1.0

The Copy URL+ extension enables you to copy to the clipboard the current document's address along with additional information such as the document's title, the current selection or both.
You might find this behavior useful when you want to send (IM, email) an interesting link to a friend and out of laziness convenience you don't want to copy the link and an explanation of what the link is in a single step. The explanation can be as short as the document's title or it can be a descriptive text from the document.
As of version 1.1, you can also extend Copy URL+ with your own menu entries. See the Customize Copy URL+ section below.

Copy URL+ menu over a selected text

Copy URL+ adds a Copy URL+ pop-up entry in the context menu which contains three entries:


Customize Copy URL+

As of version 1.1, Copy URL+ allows you to add your own menu entries. By simply adding a couple of entries to the user.js file, you can create countless custom entries.
For each menu entry you need to have in addition to the standard three, you will need to add two lines to the user.js file situated in your Mozilla/Firefox profile folder.
See the Customize! section for description on how to do it and a list of custom entries.

The copyurlplus project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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